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Beam Construction:
Corrugated sheets are used to make concrete foundations majorly in building and constructions industries. It can be applied to any types of beam forms directly and can carry any requested shape, color, thickness products as per your requirements. With cutting edge technologies for producing qualitative products; shivshakti polyplast produces corrugated sheets using high quality raw material in various dimensions and colors. Advantage of using shivshakti polyplast sheets are includes durability, ease simultaneously trendy in use than other relevance options and highly in demand today.

Industrial Packaging:
There are various use of shivshakti polyplast produced corrugated sheets which provides packaging solution for various products. We offer packaging material which is strong, chemical resistance, water proof, printable, lightweight and reusable. The corrugated sheets are widely used in various industries like logistic, electronics, food and beverages, medical, textile, natural stone and marble etc. It is the one of the efficient way to prevent products from damage. It is well organized for placing more goods in single box. The advantage of using plastic corrugated sheets is to manufacture warehouse boxes which ensure the boxes are not affected by any liquid or grease, oil, or any other impurity liquids within a warehouse environment.

Shivshakti polyplast is a manufacturer of corrugated sheets which has an excellent surface for protect walls, doors during construction or reformation. We offer customized sheets as per any requested size or color. It can be helpful to save your walls or doors from scratches, dents and overall damages during structures, restructures and maintenance. We also offer transparent version corrugated sheets, which will not block the sun when placed on glass. Our sheets are reusable, easy to use and give high level protection to any wall or door. We manufacture corrugated sheet from qualitative raw materials which are testing by our experts.

Agriculture Industries:
Shivshakti polyplast produced corrugated sheet fulfills all your need of agriculture packaging. Innovatively water proof, chemical and bug defensive corrugated sheets are well-designed for agriculture packaging which can be used for various purpose in the industries like trees & plants industries, agriculture gardening, agriculture packaging, food packaging etc. It’s ideal for packaging, move and shift agricultural products safely. Our corrugated sheets are accepted/popular in the market for their unique features include lightweight, hygienic raw materials and available at reasonable rates and etc.

Printing Technology:
Shivshakti produced corrugated sheets are widely used in the printing and display industries. That is made using corona treatment which allows customers to print both sides on the sheets directly. These sheets are majorly used in warning signs, road signs and other signage functions in various industries. These are highly demanded in market worldwide due to their exclusive features as light weighted, long durability, dimensions stability, water and chemical resistance and etc. Corrugated sheets are available in wide range of colors and sizes. Shivshakti is devoted to provide sheets as per custom requirements. Just send us your necessities, and we will design customized corrugated sheets as per yours and your client’s requirements.